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ABTA - The Travel Association - now represents over 5,000 travel agencies and more than 900 tour operations, throughout the British Isles. Our Members range from small, specialist tour operators and independent travel agencies through to publicly-listed companies and household names


British Holiday & Home Parks Association - the British Holiday & Home Parks Association is the only organisation established exclusively to serve and represent the interests of the British parks industry.


The Family Holiday Association - our mission is to work in partnership with others to promote the quality of family life for those parents and children who experience disadvantage as a result of poverty through the provision and by promoting access to holidays and other recreational activities.


On this page you will find details of links to websites promoting holiday homes for sale or villas to rent all over the world...  

Millions of people across the world you have enjoyed a growth in their incomes and standard of living, have subsequently purchased a second home or a holiday home (either to visit to enjoy themselves or as an investment). There are literally thousands of property websites on the Internet advertising holiday homes to buy or to rent. These make it easy for potential of homeowners to buy the property direct from the seller or quickly contact the sales agent to arrange a viewing or discuss the particulars. The local agents will have a good knowledge of local issues such as traffic conditions, future of local building developments that may impact the profitability of the holiday home let, as well as a feel for rental values, resale prices and the market conditions and trends.


Buying a holiday home abroad by a daunting task if you are ignorant of the laws and regulations of that country. News headlines highlighting the issues of the land grab in mainland Spain and general legal arguments regarding ownership of property following an inheritance, have provided pause for thought for UK investors and would be holiday homeowners. The first step is to visit the potential area and meet a number of independent estate agents and find a good local lawyer who can explain the legal process from start to finish. Identify the area you plan to visit based on your market research. Is there a new low cost airline about to base itself in a particular local Airport near to the area you are considering? Is it a popular holiday hotspot already and therefore saturated with empty holiday homes? What is the general economic market trend for that country? How much money can you afford to spend on the investment based on a potential UK remortgage situation or an ordinary overseas mortgage? These are all basic questions to be answered before you even make for your investigative holiday trip.


Home owners who are considering managing a holiday let, need to consider the weekly maintenance issues relates to owning a holiday home. If the property is located in a foreign country, is it reasonable to assume you can effectively handle day to day maintenance issues remotely? or is it more cost effective (in terms of your personal time) to employ a local agent near to the property. The hassle of taking bookings and dealing with cancellations and Tennant enquiries can be time consuming. To minimise on the cost and hassle for maintaining a holiday let it is sensible to ensure:-

  • You employ a qualified agent you can trust to care for your property in your absence;
  • The holiday home is cleaned and tidied after each short-term tenant has departed from their holiday;
  • That are all rubbish and local newspapers and junk mail are cleared as part of a cleaning exercise;
  • The property maintenance company tests boilers and cleans drainage pipes on a regular basis;
  • Electrical systems are checked and smoke alarms maintained for batteries;
  • Any safety literature related to furniture that requires a minimum regulatory standard be kept in the property;
  • You carefully checked by the credentials of the property maintenance company or local letting agent that is tasked care for your property in your absence;
  • Property is fitted with adequate more but are locks and in areas where higher vacancy rates occurred such as Spain or elsewhere on the continent, windows have adequate to grills to put off potential burglars.
  • That your holiday Home Insurance policy provides an against the possible risks such as flooding, fire, earthquake and burglary.
  • There is a process for handing keys back so that new tenants can access the property without any stress whatsoever.


With the global credit crunch of 2008 impacting the number of Mortgage Products available for holiday investment as well as the confidence of investors generally, decide whether you are investing for capital gain all a monthly rental income. Look at the existing returns based on a percentage and compare these to other forms of long term investment.